MURPH 2019 – 2020 Highlights


During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Projects in Health (MURPH) program supported 9 applied health projects encompassing 10 disciplines with a total of 19 faculty members and 21 MURPH Scholars. Four of the MURPH projects were led by IHLCDP Associates:

The effects of virtual reality on depressive symptoms in inpatient stroke survivors: A pilot randomized controlled trial. PIs: Dr. Brodie Sakakibara (Medicine) & Ms. Donna Jansons (Social Work); UG students Nicole Ketter (Biology) and Lynda Wood (Psychology).

Microencapsulation platform for oral delivery of microbiome-based therapy for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. PIs: Dr. Deanna Gibson (Biology) & Dr. Mina Hoorfar (Engineering); UG students Ryan Bonnie (Biology) and Kaden Workun (Engineering)

Smoke-free Dads: A game changer for better health. PIs: Dr. Joan Bottorff (Nursing), Dr. Laura Struik (Nursing), and Dr. Mohammad Khalad Hasan (Computer Science); UG students Angela Leung (Nursing), Noman Mohammad (Computer Science), and Poddar Swakhar (Computer Science)

Indigenous methodologies: building capacity for telediabetes care in urban (and rural) Indigenous communities. PIs: Dr. Donna Kurtz (Nursing) and Dr. Charlotte Jones (Southern Medical Program); UG students: Aidan O’Callahan (Psychology & Indigenous Studies) and Karim Davarani (Human Kinetics)

Learn more about student success stories and program highlights from 2019-2020 here. The 2019-2020 MURPH program webpage can also be found here.  MURPH is now accepting applications from faculty members, undergraduate students, and supporting organizations interested in conducting multidisciplinary research projects for the upcoming (September 2020-April 2021) academic year. More information can be found here: