Employment Opportunities


Students play an active role in the work of the Institute. There are opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students to be research trainees. Visit our site on a regular basis to keep abreast of upcoming student opportunities such as research assistant positions, summer research internships and postdoctoral fellowships.


Benefits of being a student include the following opportunities:

  • attend Institute-sponsored events to learn more about the latest health research and developments in research methods.
  • Participate in one of the Research Interest Groups supported by the Institute.
  • Get involved in collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects as a research assistant or by conducting a student research project that is linked with ongoing research programs in healthy living and chronic disease prevention.
  • Network with community groups, health service agencies, government, and non-governmental organizations interested in health research.
  • Work with and be mentored by faculty with a particular interest in healthy living and chronic disease prevention.
  • Showcase your research in local, national and international research events associated with the Institute.



Student Research Projects

Anna Chan

Anna Chan graduated from UBC’s Faculty of Science and is currently in the Dietetics program at UBC.  She is a research assistant working with Joan Bottorff on the FACET 2 (A Gender Analysis of Tobacco Use in Families During  Pregnancy, Postpartum and Early Childhood) and FACET 3 (Translating Knowledge into Tailored Interventions for Women and Men to Address Tobacco Use During Pregnancy and Postpartum) projects.  She is also working on the iTAG (Investigating Tobacco and Gender) research team.  Anna commented:

“Working on these projects has been empowering. I have excellent support from team members who continually challenge me to take on new tasks and work beyond the scope of my field.”

Erin Ptolemy

Erin Ptolemy is a Master’s student in Social Work at UBC Okanagan. She has been involved with the Institute since its inception as a Research Assistant, and is currently working on a number of projects that are supported by the Institute. As Erin explains:

“Involvement with the Institute has been greatly beneficial to my academic career. It has allowed me to network with UBC faculty members and other researchers, attend workshops sponsored by the Institute, develop and refine my research skills in a supportive environment, and work with and be mentored by leading researchers in the field of chronic disease prevention.

Through my involvement in the Institute, I have developed my thesis topic and supervisory committee, and have received CIHR funding for the past two years as a result of my mentorship with Joan Bottorff. I am fortunate that my thesis work has spun out of an Institute project that I had previously been involved with- Smoking and Breast Cancer Messages for Young Women.”

Erin is doing an analysis of an online survey examining young women’s responses to information about tobacco exposure as a risk factor for premenopausal breast cancer, and developing recommendations for age and gender-sensitive messaging to young women (aged 15-24) about tobacco and breast cancer risk reduction.



Employment Opportunities

There are currently no job opportunities posted for the Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention.

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