MURPH 2021-2022 projects announced

Seniors Daily Exercise

UBCO’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Projects in Health (MURPH) approved 10 new projects that will enable applied health interdisciplinary research and research training opportunities for 21 undergraduate students. Students will work alongside their project Co-Principal faculty investigators, participate in workshops on topics such as team-based research, and present their research at a student health research conference. Funding for MURPH’s 3rd year was provided by the UBCO Excellence Fund. Our congratulations to the following IHLCDP faculty associates and students who will be collaborating on the following projects:

Sleep and family relationships before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: A study of Okanagan families with young children
Co-PIs:  Dr. Susan Holtzman (Psychology) and Dr. Elizabeth Keys (Nursing)
MURPH Scholars:  Andrea Tam (Psychology) and Trishen Micheal Ramsay (Nursing)

Designing and developing an immersive technology solution for telehealth
Co-PIs:  Dr. Milani Abbas (Engineering) and Dr. Khalad Hasan (Computer Science)
MURPH Scholars:  Vanessa Lo (Nursing) and Jay Jang (Computer Science)

Personal belongings carrier
Co-PIs:  Dr. Milani Abbas (Engineering) and Dr. Shirley Chau (Social Work)
MURPH Scholars:  Denise Gunduz (Engineering) and Paige Reekie (Health and Exercise Sciences)

Developing and evaluating an educational program for using a restorative approach to address healthcare harm
Co-PIs:  Dr. Nelly Oelke (Nursing) and Dr. Colin Reid (Health and Exercise Sciences)
MURPH Scholars:  Dylan Rogers (Science), Alisha Sindhu (Nursing), and Madyson Campbell (Science)

Steps to indoor normalcy: Real-time analysis of aerosol spread and dispersion in dynamic indoor environments
Co-PIs: Dr.  Sunny Li (Engineering) and Dr. Jonathan Little (Health and Exercise Sciences)
MURPH Scholars:  Endrio Rambelli (Engineering) and Riya Naik (Science)

A mobile makerspace to support inclusive patient and community-led technology solutions for rural health and wellness
Co-PIs:  Dr. Eric Li (Management), Dr. Charlene Ronquillo (Nursing), and Dr. Kathy Rush (Nursing)
MURPH Scholars:  Emily Mayzes-Kotulla (Science) and Ashish Giri (Engineering)

Using artificial intelligence to assess performance of fine motor and upper-limb skills in health and disease
Co-PIs:  Dr. Sara Kraeutner (Psychology) and Dr. Vicki Komisar (Engineering)
MURPH Scholars:  Nadine Widjaja (Psychology) and Elizabeth Bannon (Human Kinetics)

Developing an online resource for safe active recreation for families living with autism
Co-PIs:  Dr. Lise Olsen (Nursing) and Dr. Carolyn Szostak (Psychology)
MURPH Scholars:  Paige Dafoe (Science) and Rebecca Anderson (Psychology)

Establishing foundations for equity-considerate artificial intelligence in community health: Understanding community health nurses’ conceptualizations and documentation of health equity in electronic health records
Co-PIs:  Dr. Charlene Ronquillo (Nursing), Dr. Shirley Chau (Social Work) and Dr. Xiaoxiao Li (Engineering)
MURPH Scholars:  Dawson Penner (Science) and David Shifflet (Psychology)