Smokefree MEN

Research Project Tobacco Reduction

Funding Agency:

Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

Project Period:

April 2013 – March 2015

Translating research findings through a tobacco reduction website for cancer prevention action.”

Principal Investigators:

John Oliffe, Joan Bottorff


Martha MacKay, Blye Frank, Cristina Caperchione, Leanne Currie, Jack Boomer


The proposed project involves developing and assessing a collection of men-friendly tobacco reduction and cessation (TRC) interventions to prevent cancer. The interventions will be developed for online use because research shows that the Web is a place men go to for health information. The research has four parts:

  1. Development – meeting with groups of men who smoke to gather more information to guide the design of the web-based TRC interventions.
  2. Pre-test – experts will check the usability of the applications; men who smoke will provide feedback; resources will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Pilot test – a group of men who smoke will evaluate the resources over a period of 6 months.
  4. Proposal development – a full-scale evaluation of the men’s TRC resources will be developed.

Our collaboration with QuitNow will ensure ongoing access to the men’s TRC resources.