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Building Healthy Rural Communities
for Older Adults by Enhancing Mobility

Research Project Aging and Health

Posted March 2018

IHLCDP Associates Dr. Donna Kurtz, Ms. Leslie Bryant, and Dr. Charlotte Jones will work with 6 BC Interior Friendship and Métis Centres to blend traditional and western knowledge to optimized health and health equity in holistic, patient-centred diabetes and obesity care.

This 4 year community-led study is guided by local governance and ownership, values and customs and will enable full community involvement in all aspects of study. The team will co-develop pathway tools and frameworks for culturally safe, equitable, strength-based, site-specific healthcare policies, research, and practice for communities of similar size, geographic and cultural distinctness, nationally and internationally.

The research team also includes IHLCDP Associates Dr. Peter J Hutchinson, Dr. Mary E Jung, and Dr. Jonathan P Little as well as Dr. Alexandra King, Dr. Malcolm King, Dr. Jonathan M. McGavock, Dr. Mary Ann Murphy, Dr. Julianne C Barry, and Ms. Danielle M Wilson. This project is funded by CIHR.