Student Engagement on Health Promoting

An investigation of student engagement
on health promoting schools

Research Project Promoting Well Being

Funding Agency:

Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention, Research Interest Group Grant

Project Period:


“…empower students to create healthy change in their school settings …”

Principal Investigators:

Stephen Berg, Sally Stewart


Tricia Labrie, Janelle Zebedee


The purpose of the Got Health? initiative is to discover how student-led health inquiry projects lead to healthy school environments. The intention is to empower students to create healthy change in their school settings by providing them with training, teacher guidance and opportunities to be change agents. Using the Comprehensive School Health framework, students will actively address and promote health issues through student-led inquiry projects that address a health issue in their school.
Reports, Presentations & Publications

Labrie, T., Berg, S., Zebedee, J., Fraser, An., & Naylor, P.J. (2013). “Got health?”:Engaging students in healthy decision making. Paper presented at the 11th Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii, January 6 – 9, 2013.

Berg, S. & Labrie, T. (2013). Got health? A student-led inquiry youth engagement project. Invited speaker to the Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention’s Partnership in Research Seminar Series, UBC’s Okanagan campus, February 14th, 2013

Interviewed on CBC Radio Daybreak South on the importance of physical education in schools. (2013, March).

Quoted on page 94 in the November, 2012 issue of Today’s Parent Magazine in the article Exercise: The Secret to Success at School.