Undergraduate summer research with IHLCDP Associates


Shree Nithi Santhagunam is working on a literature review about fall prevention among seniors to help increase adherence to prevention protocols

Food security and senior fall prevention are among areas of research being investigated through the summer by undergraduates from UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Management and IHCLDP Associates. The students are supported in this work through awards such as the Management Undergraduate Research Award (MURA) and Regional Socio-Economic Development Institute of Canada (RSEDIC) award. The awards support undergraduate students in gaining exceptional learning experiences in hands-on research with faculty supervisors. While all students are conducting research virtually, the students and researchers remain connected through video conferences, email, and phone calls. The students also take part in weekly workshops, team meetings and peer discussions.

Shree Nithi Santhagunam is working with IHCLDP Associate Dr. Jennifer Davis, assistant professor in the Faculty of Management, on research into how to better prevent falls among seniors and increase adherence to prevention protocols. This project is supported by a MURA.

Shiven Vinod Khera is working with IHLCDP Associate Dr. Eric Li, associate professor in the Faculty of Management, on analyzing how non-metropolitan and rural regions can have greater health equity and food security during disruptive events, such as COVID-19, wildfires and flooding. This project is being supported by a MURA. In addition, Mohana Rambe is working with Dr. Li and assistant professor Dr. Amir Ardestani-Jaafari on implementing and assessing a new inventory management system with the Central Okanagan Food Bank and Helen’s Acres Community Farm. This project is supported by a RSEDIC award. Vinil Sood is also working with Dr. Li to systematically review food bank operations to explore food inventory management methodologies and food waste management. This project is supported by a MURA.

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