UBC research recommends graduated return to work after prostatectomy

Graduated return to work

New UBC research cautions men recovering from a radical prostatectomy to take it easy when returning to work.

School of Nursing Professors Joan Bottorff and John Oliffe are scientists with UBC’s Men’s Health Research program. They, along with study lead Wellam Yu Ko, recently published research exploring the journey back into the workforce following surgery to remove prostate cancer. Their research concluded a graduated or ‘reduced workload’ program is the best option following a radical prostatectomy.

“Most men are told by their physicians that it will take about four weeks after prostatectomy before they are back at work and at 100 per cent,” says Bottorff. “But that’s not the truth for most men. They do not fully anticipate the difficulties of returning to work and can’t quite cope with the workload. In fact, men are often surprised at how long their full recovery can take.”

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