The Virtual Atrial Fibrillation Clinic: Improving Specialty Care Delivery in Rural Communities

IHLCDP Associate Dr. Kathy Rush is addressing the lack specialty (cardiac) care in rural communities shown to reduce emergency department use and improve older adults’ ability to manage Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

The team explore needs in 5 rural communities to inform the design and delivery of a user-friendly long distance AF clinic service. The virtual clinic will be evaluated with 40 older adults with new AF compared to 40 other older adults with new AF receiving care from their family doctors to see if it makes a difference in outcomes.

Co-investigators include IHLCDP Associates Dr. Neil Eves, Dr. Linda Hatt, and Dr. Gareth Jones in addition to Ms. Jeannine Costigan, Ms. Nicole Gorman, Dr. Frank Halperin, Mr. Devin Harris, Ms Louann Janicki, Dr. Brian O’Connor, Ms. Petr Polasek, and Dr. Dean Regier.  This research is funded by CIHR.