The TEACHERS Project: Wellbeing in the Classroom

Seniors Daily Exercise

The TEACHERS Project is a timely research initiative led by Dr. Sally Stewart, IHLCDP Associate and Associate Professor of Teaching in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences UBCO, and in partnership with colleague Dr. Jannik Eikenaar from the School of Engineering at UBCO.  To support adoption of classroom wellbeing approaches, the TEACHERs project team is evaluating a cohort model designed to encourage and support instructors in implementing simple, efficient, and effective wellbeing strategies. The link between student wellbeing, resiliency, academic tenacity, and student success is strongly supported in the literature. Research also clearly demonstrates that classroom environment and instructor approaches positively impact student wellbeing, course enjoyment and engagement, all of which have been challenged since our pivot to online instruction.

Wellbeing interventions in the TEACHERS Project are based around three course factors: 1. Logistics (e.g. flexible grading, course outline presentation), 2. Instructor Approaches (e.g. lecture/assignment delivery, demonstrating compassion/kindness), and 3. Activities (e.g. movement breaks, stand-up desks, intentional arrival).  Each year, the results have been overwhelmingly positive!

“If all instructors were trained in such practices then every classroom students enter will positively impact their wellbeing.” says Dr Stewart. The next phase of this research will be conducted during the winter semester.  Find more information about this project in the attached two infographics.