Prehabilitative Exercise Training

Prehabilitative Exercise Training:
Optimizing gastric banding surgery outcomes in obese patients.

Research Project Active Living

Funding Agency:

The Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention, Research Interest Group Grant

Project Period:


“The negative effects of obesity on the respiratory system is well documented .”

Principal Investigators:

Gareth Jones, Lorne Friesen


Andrew Sellars, Andreas Kluftinger, Grant Pagdin, Ginny Sellars, Jordelle Dupre


The negative effects of obesity on the respiratory system, and deconditioning of muscles responsible for respiratory effort are well documented. This project will investigate if respiratory exercise training can improve exercise tolerance, quality of life and surgical outcomes in morbidly obese patients awaiting laparoscopic gastric banding surgery (LAGB). A pilot study will randomly allocate 20 patients awaiting the LAGB to either the current prehabilitation program, or prehabilitation plus respiratory training. Results will help to determine the potential efficacy of this prehabilitative exercise intervention for morbidly obese patients awaiting LAGB. The implication of this intervention may have much broader application, if improved quality of life and exercise tolerance can be shown in these obese patients.