Men’s Healthy Eating and Active Living

Harmonization Project:
Men’s Healthy Eating and Active Living

Funding Agency:

Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

Project Period:

November 2012 to October 2016

“We believe that healthier men will help to build healthier families and communities in northern BC.”

Principal Investigators:

Sonia Lamont, Theresa Healy, Margaret Bricker-Jones


William Osei, Steven Johnson, Sherri Tillotson, John Oliffe, Brandon Grant, Joan Bottorff, D. Bowering
Collaborator: Sally Errey


The goal of the Harmonization Project is to reduce the incidence of cancer in northern British Columbia. The team includes three partners: the Canadian Cancer Society, Northern Health and the BC Cancer Agency, who will work together with researchers from the University of British Columbia and Athabasca University to design, deliver and evaluate two cancer prevention projects. The second project, Men’s Healthy Eating and Active Living (M-HEAL), will be conducted in two communities and include initiatives tailored for northern men. This study will involve questionnaires and follow-up interviews with men, stakeholder interviews. A developmental evaluation will assess strategies used to work together to deliver the M-HEAL. The finding will inform region-wide implementation, and guide the Canadian Cancer Society’s future work to promote cancer prevention.

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