Indigenous Pathways for Diabetes and Obesity Prevention

Developing Indigenous Pathways for
Diabetes & Obesity Prevention & Management

Research Project Indigenous Pathways

Posted March 2018

IHLCDP Associates Dr. Donna Kurtz, Ms. Leslie Bryant, and Dr. Charlotte Jones will work with 6 BC Interior Friendship and Métis Centres to blend traditional and western knowledge to optimized health and health equity in holistic, patient-centred diabetes and obesity care.

This 4 year community-led study is guided by local governance and ownership, values and customs and will enable full community involvement in all aspects of study. The team will co-develop pathway tools and frameworks for culturally safe, equitable, strength-based, site-specific healthcare policies, research, and practice for communities of similar size, geographic and cultural distinctness, nationally and internationally.

The research team also includes IHLCDP Associates Dr. Peter J Hutchinson, Dr. Mary E Jung, and Dr. Jonathan P Little as well as Dr. Alexandra King, Dr. Malcolm King, Dr. Jonathan M. McGavock, Dr. Mary Ann Murphy, Dr. Julianne C Barry, and Ms. Danielle M Wilson. This project is funded by CIHR.

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– June 13, 2018