Gender Based Tobacco Reduction Interventions

Investigating Tobacco and Gender (iTAG) – Gender based tobacco reduction interventions

Research Project Aging and Health

Funding Agency:

CIHR (Team Grant)

Project Period:


“…investigate gender and tobacco with the overall aim of improving smoking cessation amongst specific subgroups of men and women.”

Principal Investigators:

Joan Bottorff, John Oliffe


Mary Ensom, Lorraine Greaves, Rebecca Haines, Milan Khara, Marvin Krank, Chizimuzo Okoli, Nancy Poole, Carole A. Robinson


This CIHR funded team is focused on investigating tobacco and gender with the end goal of developing gender-specific tobacco reduction interventions. The new emerging team comprises both established and new investigators with extensive and diverse expertise in women’s and men’s health, addictions, smoking cessation treatments, tobacco control, health promotion and knowledge translation.

Over the next 5 years, the iTAG Team will:

Create a collaborative, interdisciplinary team to further investigate gender and tobacco with the overall aim of improving smoking cessation amongst specific subgroups of men and women;

Advance methodologies and theoretical frameworks to examine the influence of gender on tobacco use and cessation;

Build capacity for knowledge translation and exchange between the iTAG and health care providers, policy makers and the public to maximize the impact of gender-sensitive tobacco reduction;

Provide research training to undergraduates, graduates and postdoctoral fellows to build capacity and sustainability in integrating gender and sex analyses in study of tobacco.

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Reports, Presentations & Publications

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