Smith, Michelle

Michelle Smith

Michelle L Smith
BSc, MSc, VA Cert III

Regional Practice Lead

Research & Knowledge Translation – Long Term Care & Seniors Care, Interior Health

Contact Info

tel:  250-681-4844

LinkedIn: Michelle Smith

  • Regional Practice Lead, Research & Knowledge Translation – Long Term Care & Seniors Care, Interior Health
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC Okanagan
  • Adjunct Professional Fellow, Centre for Indigenous Health Equity, Office of Indigenous Engagement, CQUniversity, Australia
  • Assisted Living and Long Term Care – Resident quality of life/care
  • Family and staff caregiver quality of life/work
  • Indigenous communities in health
  • Chronic health conditions, communicable diseases, neglected tropical diseases
  • Health services, health promotion
  • Rural and remote health
  • Knowledge mobilization
  • Australia and Canada

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