Ragoonaden, Karen

Karen Ragoonaden

Karen Ragoonaden PhD

Associate Dean, Teacher Education

Faculty of Education, UBC Vancouver

Contact Info

UBC Vancouver
103 – 2125 Main Mall
Neville Scarfe Building
Vancouver  BC

email:  karen.ragoonaden@ubc.ca

Cluster of Research Excellence: Culture, Creativity, Health and Well-Being

Karen’s E-Portfolio
Okanagan School of Education web: Karen Ragoonaden
Twitter: @karenragoonaden

  • Associate Dean, Teacher Education, Faculty of Education, UBC Vancouver

Hear Karen talk about “Bridging community research interests” on the ICER YouTube channel here: Institute for Community Engaged Research – Matchmaking Project

  • Mindfulness and well-being
  • Inclusive education and culturally sustainable pedagogy
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) and Reconciliation and Decolonization

Understanding the Well-being Capacity of Pre-Service Teachers
PI: Kutsyuruba B.  (Queen’s)
Co-PIs: Ragoonaden, Cherkowski (UBCO) Walker, Claypool (Saskatchewan), Godden (Carleton)
Date: 2021 – 2024
Funded by: SSHRC Insight Grant

Reconceptualizing Education through Co-Curricular-Making: Honouring Indigenous Connections to Land, Culture, and the Relational Self
PI: Dr. MacIntyre Latta
Co-PIs: Drs.K. Ragoonaden, S.Cherkowski & J.Hare (UBC) D.Donald (UofA), N.Ng-Fook (UofO), S. Styres (UoT)
Date: 2020 – 2025
Funded by: SSHRC Partnership Grant $1,250,000

Mindfulness and Antiracist Education: Developing Critical Reflection
PI: Karen  Ragoonaden
CoIs:  Heesoon L.S. Bai
Collaborator: Oren Ergas
Date: 2021-2024
Funded by: SSHRC (Insight Grant)

Co-curricular-making: Honouring Indigenous connections to land, culture, and the relational self
PI: Margaret Macintyre Latta, University of British Columbia
Co-Is: Karen Ragoonaden, Sabre Cherkowski, Dwayne Donald, Jan Hare, Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, Sandra Styres, Terry Beaudry
Date: 2020 – 2025
Funding: SSHRC Partnership Grant $1,076,813

Exploring the Cultural and Creative Dimensions of Health and Well-Being through Arts-Based Transformative Engaged Research
Co-PIs:  Virginie Magnat Karen Ragoonaden
Co-Is: Sarah Dow-Fleisner, Rena Saron, Konstantino Thomaidis, Tania Willard, Vicki Kelly, Evan Adams
Date: 2018 – 2021
Funding:  UBC Okanagan Eminence Research Cluster funding

Mindfulness and Indigenous Knowledge: Shared Narratives about Well-Being
PI: Karen Ragoonaden
Co-PI: Macintyre Latta, Tina Fraser, Ross Hoffman
Collaborators: School District #23; Aboriginal Programs and Services, UBCO; University of Northern BC
Date: 2017 – 2020
Funding: SSHRC Insight Grant

Selected Publications

Ragoonaden, K. & Kitchen, J. (2019). Mindful and Relational Teacher Approaches to Social Justice, Equity and Diversity in Teacher Education. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. An Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield.

Ragoonaden, K., & Bullock, S. (Eds.) (2016) Mindfulness and critical friendship: A new perspective on professional development for educators. Lanham, MD:Lexington Books. An Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield.

Ragoonaden, K. (Ed). (2015). Mindful teaching and learning: Developing a pedagogy of well-being. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. An Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield. https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498506663/Mindful-Teaching-and-Learning-Developing-a- Pedagogy-of-Well-Being.

Ragoonaden, K. (Ed.) (2015). Contested sites in education: The quest for the public intellectual, identity and service. New York, NY: Peter Lang http://www.peterlang.com/download/datasheet/77879/datasheet_312506.pdf.

Ragoonaden, K. (in press). Her Stories in Sarah Eaton and Amy Burns (Eds.) Women negotiating life in the academy: A Canadian Perspective. Springer.

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Macintyre Latta, M., Draper, R., Hanson, K., & Ragoonaden, K. (2018). A Commonplace of Living Curriculum in Handbook of Dewey’s Educational Theory and Practice In Charles L. Lowery & Patrick M. Jenlink (Eds.) The Handbook of Dewey’s Theory and Practice in Education. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Ragoonaden, K. (2017). The Common European Framework of Reference for Language and Intercultural Communication Competence. In Grisel Garcia Pérez and Constanza Roja Primus (Eds). Promoting Intercultural Communication Competencies in Higher Education. Hershey, Pennsylvannia: IGI Global.

Baxan, V., Ragoonaden, K., & Sivia, A. (2016). Conceptualizations of Diversity and Inclusion in an Urban Teacher Education Program: A Case Study of Teacher Capacity Development in Mark Hirschkorn & Julie Mueller, J. (2016). What should Canada’s teachers know? Teacher capacities: Knowledge, beliefs and skills. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Association for Teacher Education.

Ragoonaden, K., Macintyre Latta, M., Hanson, K., Draper, R. & Coble, J. (2020). Broadening, Burrowing, Storying and Re-storying Indigenous Narratives: A Holistic Exploration of an Arts Based Curricular Experience. Alberta Journal of Educational Research.

Makaiau Strong, A; Ragoonaden, K.; Leng, L; Mangram, C; Toyoda, M. (2019). The Handmaid’s Tale: Using Literature and Online Journaling to Facilitate a Self-Study of Feminist Identity in an International Research Collective. Studying Teacher Education 15(3) 334-354 https://doi.org/10.1080/17425964.2019.1669553

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Invited Presentations
Ragoonaden, K. (July 12, 2019). Colloque International: Résistance, Résilience et Réactualisation. University of Mauritius, île Maurice.

Ragoonaden, K. (June 3, 2019) Exploring the Cultural and Creative Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing through Arts-Based Transformative Engaged Research. UBC Vancouver.

Ragoonaden, K. (January 13 2019). Mindfulness in Education Faculty of Education, Beit Berl College, Hebrew University. Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ragoonaden, K. (May 8 2018). smartEducation, Health and Well-Being. Symposium on Culture, Creativity, Health and Well-Being. University of Exeter. Streatham Campus, Exeter, UK.

Ragoonaden, K. (May 9 2018). Mindfulness and Educational Leadership. Symposium on Culture, Creativity, Health and Well-Being. University of Exeter. Penham Campus, Exeter, UK.

Ragoonaden, K. (June 28, 2018) Regards Croisés Sur la présence du corps en pédagogie universitaire Faculté d’éducation, Université du Québec à Montrèal

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Professional Workshops
Ragoonaden, K. & Magnat, V. (2019). Exploring the Cultural and Creative Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing through Arts-Based Transformative Engaged Research. Working session. UBC Vancouver.

Ragoonaden, K. (2019, May). Canadian Contemplative Education Symposium. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

Ragoonaden, K. (2019, Oct). Mindfulness and Well-Being. Invited workshop for teachers, staff, school administrators of Central School, SD 23, Kelowna, BC.

Cherkowski, S. & Ragoonaden, K. (2019, Feb). Mindful inquiry: Shifting mindsets and building capacities for educator wellbeing. Invited workshop for school administrators in SD 39. Lord Byng Secondary School, Vancouver, BC.