Marcolin, Barb

Barb Marcolin

Barbara Marcolin PhD

Associate Professor

Faculty of Management, UBC Okanagan

Contact Info

UBC Okanagan
1137 Alumni Way  EME 4113
Kelowna  BC  V1V 1V7

Tel:  250-807-9637

web:  visit website

  • Associate Professor of Information Systems,
    Faculty of Management, UBC Okanagan
  • information technology-based outcomes and evidence-based therapy programs
  • fast features matching
  • technology research platform
  • case studies, focus groups, interviews, content analysis, action research, ethnography (1)
  • surveys, experiments, structural equation modelling, non-parametric statistics, parametric statistics
  • research methods
  • entrepreneurial startups

Effective technology use with multi-level value in professional health settings
PIs: Barbara Marcolin, Benoit Aubert and Chad Saunders.
Co-Is: Robert Petrella, Charlene Ronquillo, Duane Thomson, Deanne Taylor, John Graham, and Benoit Aubert.
Date: 2017-current
Funded by: SSHRC, University of British Columbia

Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Students’ Personal Values
PIs: Barbara Marcolin, Chad Saunders, and Jennifer Cherneski
Date: 2013 – 2022
Funded by: SSHRC, University of Calgary

Underserved Populations: Food Bank, community effectiveness, gender analysis, and homeless.
PIs: Barbara Marcolin, Eric Li, Jennifer Davis
Date: 2013 – current
Funded by: SSHRC, MSRF, Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society, Friends of the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Davis, J. C., Li, E., DiLabio, G., Marcolin, B., Butterfield, M., & Sangunthanam, N. (2022). Are we failing women and racialized academics? A Canadian national survey examining the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tenure and tenure-track faculty. Gender, Work and Organization, 29(3), 703-722. doi: 10.1111/gwao.12811

Saunders, C., Marcolin, B., & Cherneski, J. (2022). The Role of Students’ Personal Values and Ethical Ideologies in Increasing the Importance of Perceptions of Social Responsibility for Business Students: A PRME Directive. Journal of Management Education. doi: 10.1177/10525629221077320

Marcolin, B., Saunders, C., & Aubert, B. (2022). Persuasive Technologies and Social Interactions in Professional Environments: Embedded Qualitative Case Study. JMIR Formative Research, 6(2), e32613. doi: 10.2196/32613