Jones, Charlotte

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones MD, FRCPC


Southern Medical Program
Faculty of Medicine, UBC Okanagan

Contact Info

UBC Okanagan
1088 Discovery Avenue  RHS 321
Kelowna  BC  V1V 1V7

Tel:  250-807-9187

web:  visit website


  • Professor; Director of Student Research, Southern Medical Program,
    Faculty of Medicine, UBC Okanagan
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention,
    UBC Okanagan

Indigenous methodologies: for telediabetes/obesity care in Urban Indigenous communities (I’M T’Care)
PIs:  Charlotte Jones and Donna Kurtz
Research Elder Advisor:  Jayne Taylor
Co-I: Clayton Reynolds
Partners: Terri Aldred, Susi Wilkinson
Date:  2020-2023
Funding: AgeWell NCE ($626,592.00)

Learning from Our Elders: Indigenous Perspectives of Gender in Harvesting and Gathering
Co-Leads: Kurtz, D., Jones, C.
Co-Is: J. Barry, M. King, A. King, J. McGavock, J. Nyberg
Dates: 2020 – 2022
Funded by: CIHR $75,000.00

Mobile Health Biometrics to Enhance Exercise and Physical Activity Adherence in T2D
Co-Leads: NPI: UK: Dr M Cocks; NPI: Canada: Dr. A. McManus
Co- Is: UK: H. Jones, T. Sprung, R. Andrews, C. Mateus; Canada: J. Little, Jung, M, Jones. C, Chang, C
Funded by: MRC + CIHR $657,720.00 (total) $245,939.00 (Canadian portion)

Building Indigenous Pathways for Diabetes and Obesity Prevention and Management with Urban and Rural Communities in BC
Co-Leads: D. Kurtz, C. Jones
Co-Is: M. King,  J. Little, J. McGavock,  M. Murphy, D. Wilson, J. Barry, P. Hutchinson, M. Jung, A. King
Dates: 2018 – 2021
Funded by: CIHR Project Grant ($849,152)

The Association between glycosylated hemoglobin and hearing loss in the CLSA
PI: Mick, P.
Co-Is: Jones, C., Picora, K.
Dates: 2019 – 2020
Funded by: CIHR ($28,250)

Community Health: Building a framework for community-engaged community health research and knowledge translation
Co-Leads:  Kathleen Martin Ginis, Mary Jung
Co-Is:  Susan HoltzmanJonathan LittleNelly OelkeCharlotte JonesLesley LutesDonna KurtzStephen BergKathy Rush, Ross Hickey
Dates: 2017-2020
Funding:  2017 UBC Okanagan Eminence Fund

For a full list of Dr. Charlotte Jones’ publications, please visit her Google Scholar profile