March is Embrace Aging Month in the Okanagan

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During March UBCO will host a variety of informative events and activities aimed at bettering the quality of life among older adults in the community.

It was 10 years ago that health researchers at UBC Okanagan came up with a plan to help people in the community age well.

While the idea of embracing aging seems simple enough, Professor Joan Bottorff says aging is a natural part of life and is something we all should aim to do in a healthy manner. But our bodies, and our minds, are complex. Embrace Aging Month aims to help people enjoy the journey and live every day to its fullest.

Embrace Aging Month is organized by UBCO’s Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention (IHLCDP) in partnership with Interior Savings Credit Union and Interior Health.

“Embrace Aging Month brings into focus the joy of aging and at the same time provides tips and ideas on how to navigate this phase of life,” explains Dr. Bottorff, Professor of Nursing and IHLCDP Director. “We have organized a variety of events that will share information aimed at bettering the quality of life among older adults, their families and caregivers.”

Dr. Bottorff says in the next few decades, one-quarter of Canada’s population will be 65 or older—that’s about 12 million people. That statistic alone makes programs that support successful and healthy aging vital for everyone.

“If you think about it, that is one in four Canadians. This is a large part of our population and I’d like to think Embrace Aging Month brings into focus the importance of supporting older adults in our communities,” she adds. “We’re hoping to do that by providing a month full of events and activities complete with great information and the latest research that is relevant to anyone at any age.”

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