It’s all about asking the right questions

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“They can be intimidating, but when used properly and with passion and equity in mind, statistics have the potential to reveal knowledge.”

Assistant Professor Dr. Sarah Dow-Fleisner  sometimes feels like she has two selves. The one that came before, and the scholar she is now.

Though stopping just short of calling herself a hellion when she was younger, Dr. Dow-Fleisner remembers a time when she might have been a bit too big for her own britches. “I told my eighth-grade teacher that as soon as I graduate from high school, I’m leaving town and going to college. She gave me a wake-up call though and encouraged me to improve my grades and my attitude if I wanted to go anywhere.”

Dr. Dow-Fleisner says that moment was a timely reality check, and she still counts that teacher as the first of many mentors she is grateful for on her path to earning a doctorate in social work and becoming an equity-focused, developmental scientist.

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