IHLCDP Associates are awarded KT grants

Seniors Daily Exercise

The IHLCDP congratulates Dr. Kathy Rush and Dr. Jennifer Davis on their MSFHR funding to support their teams in creating new ways to bring research evidence to practice to improve health outcomes for people in British Columbia. Their respective teams of researchers, trainees, and research users will collaborate to address important health challenges facing older adults in our communities.

Dr. Kathy Rush and co-lead Louann Janicki (Interior Health) received a Convening and Collaborating Award entitled:  Enhancing patient self care and management of atrial fibrillation within primary care.  Team members include: Ryan Wilson (UBC Okanagan); Peter Loewen (UBC); Nelly Oelke (UBC Okanagan); Norma Hilsmann (UBC Okanagan); Jessica Baskerville (South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice); Kim Orwaard-Wong (Interior Health); Kristi Maltby (Interior Health); Cameron Towle (Interior Health); Robert Janke (UBC Okanagan); Ryan Tooby (Divisions of Family Practice – Bella Coola); Tannis Andersen (Interior Health); Pam Hruska (Interior Health); Kaylee Neill (UBC Okanagan); Denis Decleva (AF Patient); Beth Whalley (Central Okanagan Divisions of Family Practice)

Dr. Jennifer Davis and Co-lead Tracy Dignum (UBC) received a Reach Award to support a project entitled:  Mobilizing falls prevention knowledge with patients and clinicians in British Columbia.  Team members include:  Teresa Liu-Ambrose (UBC); Linda Li (UBC); Kenneth Madden (UBC); Naaz Parmar (UBC); Larry Dian (UBC); Catherine Chan (UBC); Alison Chan (UBC); Lillian Morishita (Retired); Cassandra Adjetey (UBC); Eleanor (“Jean”) Ko (Retired); Mohammed Esfahaad (Retired)

For more information about these projects, read the MSFHR announcement here.