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Developing seamless cardiac care for rural populations

Principal Investigators: Barbara Pesut, Carol Laberge

Richard Sawatzky, Richard Townley, Tracy MacDonald, Marie Hawkins, Dr. Kathy Rush, Dr. J. Jackobi, C. Roberts, L. Casey

Funding Agency: Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention, Research Interest Group Grant
Project Period: 2010-2011
Total: $10,000
Abstract: This project proposes to establish a research interest group to improve the quality of care for rural individuals who have received tertiary level cardiac services. Rural individuals are at risk of receiving insufficient secondary prevention after cardiac intervention and yet, little research has been done on this population. The objectives of this project are to establish a multi-disciplinary team, compile the evidence around outcomes for rural individuals after tertiary cardiac services, explore the experiences (eg. educational needs, lifestyle changes, outcomes) of rural individuals after cardiac intervention, and outline a research agenda and apply for grant funds.

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