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Targeted prevention for cannabis and tobacco use among middle school students

Principal Investigators:  Zachary Walsh, Jamie Marshall
Co-Investigators:  Marvin Krank, Al Lalonde, David Smith, Michael Woodworth
Funding Agency: The Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention - Research Interest Group Grant
Project Period: 2010-2011
Total: $10,000
Abstract: This project aims to establish partnerships between UBC Okanagan, Interior Health and School District #23 to address cannabis and tobacco use among middle school students. The project will conduct an environmental scan and literature review to determine best practice programs for targeted prevention of the use of cannabis, tobacco and other substances of abuse among high-risk middle school students. Based on the findings from the literature review and environmental scan, the project will develop a prevention program to be delivered in the Okanagan; pilot test the prevention program in a high-risk middle school setting; and use the results of the pilot program to develop a CIHR grant proposal for a randomized control trial of the prevention program.
Additional Funding:  Health Canada
Total: $7813 
Reports, Presentations & Publications  Roemer, A., Crosby, K., Haydn, E., Walsh, Z. Cannabis Use Prevention among Canadian Youth: Environmental Scan and Literature Review.

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