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Supporting Tailored Approaches to Reducing Tobacco -
Decreasing Breast Cancer Incidence

Principal Investigators: Joan L. Bottorff, Chris Richardson
Co-Investigators: Carolyn Gotay, Peter Hutchinson, Kenneth Johnson, John Oliffe, Pamela Ratner, Rebecca Haines, Chizimuzo T.C. Okoli
Project Period:  2010 - 2013
Funding Agency Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance/Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Amount:  $307,000
Abstract: Active smoking and exposure to seconhand smoke during periods of breast development increases a woman's risk of premonopausal breast cancer.   The aim of this study is to design and evaluate tailored messages for aboriginal and non-aboriginal adolescent girls and boys about this new evidence to reduce girls' tobacco exposure and, ultimately, decrease the incidence of breast cancer.  The messages will be presented to adolescents participating in an ongoing longitudinal survey underway in British Columbia and evaluated in follow-up waves of data collection.

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