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Implications for health: Hunting and gathering among Métis in British Columbia

Principal Investigator:  Peter Hutchinson
Co-Investigators:  J. Bottorff, J. Corbett, M. Evans, G. Jones, D. Kurtz, D. Sookraj
Funding Agency:  CIHR
Project Period:   2010 - 2011
Total:  $75,202
Abstract:  The purpose of this study is to assess the health promoting effects of hunting and gathering amongst Métis in British Columbia. To identify the health implications of hunting and gathering three phases of research will be implemented. First a case study will utilize focus group and individual interviews with Métis community members and stakeholders to assess the engagement in hunting and gathering, perceived and physical and social benefits. Researchers will also participate with harvesters and utilize global positioning systems and other technologies to monitor the level of physical activity in harvesting activities. The second phase will utilize the case study data to develop a survey tool that will be administered to Métis hunters and gathers from across British Columbia. Once the qualitative data and quantitative data are collected and analyzed community discussions will begin in phase three. The aim of these discussions is to develop guidelines to support the development of culturally appropriate approaches to support healthy living in Métis communities. 

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