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Food system GeoWeb for the Central Okanagan

Principal Investigators:  Jon Corbett, Casey Hamilton
Co-Investigators:  Jen Ardiel, Jason Gray, Lenetta Thordarson, Elana Westers
Funding Agency:  Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention, Research Interest Group Grant
Project Period:  2009-2010
Total:  $10,000
Abstract: Recognizing that access to healthy food and smart food choices leads to a healthy population, the Central Okanagan Healthy Food Council (COHFC) identified the need to assess the ability of local food systems to supply nutritious food and support healthy eating. In this RIG project the COHFC has partnered with the Centre for Social, Spatial and Economic Justice at UBC Okanagan (UBCO) and other community members to build on and refine an existing map of food related resources in the region. The outcome will be a comprehensive Food Systems Map (FSM) of the region using GeoWeb technology. The purpose of this technology is to encourage the active participation of community members to increase awareness and interest in food related issues and to promote FSM as a collaborative web map. It will also build the capacity of the COHFC to design, develop and use GeoWeb tools.    

Reports, Presentations & Publications:

Corbett, J., Hamilton, C., & Wright, S. (2010)
Central Okanagan Community Food  (project website)

Corbett, J., Hamilton, C., & Wright, S. (2010).
"You are Where You Eat": The Central Okanagan Community Food Mapping Project
Okanagan Food Mapping Project - Final Report
Submitted to the Institute for Health Living and Chronic Disease Prevention,
University of British Columbia, Okanagan

Click here for a copy of the report


"Food mapping a place for tasty conversations", UBC press release, March 22, 2012


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