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The Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention (IHLCDP) encourages and supports research that links communities and the university with a focus on building research capacity and creating and using new knowledge in ways that benefit individuals, families and communities.

The Institute's research and education activities focus on:

  • Promoting health by addressing the social, cultural, and/or environmental determinants of health behaviour (e.g. physical activity, maintaining healthy weights, healthy eating) and well-being;
  • Preventing chronic disease through focused and integrated action to address risk factors such as smoking.

Areas of Research

Research - Active LivingActive Living

Physical activity is critical to good health and well-being, helps prevent chronic disease such as cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and reduces disability. Developing ways to integrate active living into everyday life is an important research focus of the Institute.


Research - Aging and HealthAging and Health

Healthy aging and wellness are increasingly important. Older people are living longer, yet at the same time the majority of seniors have at least one chronic disease. Our researchers are examining ways to support older adults in living healthier lives in a variety of settings and circumstances.


Research - Healthy EatingHealthy Eating

Healthy eating is fundamental to good health and reducing the risk of chronic disease and obesity. The Institute supports research examining factors that influence access to healthy food, as well as appropriate strategies to support healthy eating among a variety of groups.


Research - Well-beingPromoting Well-Being

There is a growing evidence base about the factors influencing good health and well-being. Researchers are using this evidence to develop effective health promotion and prevention initiatives for a variety of populations, addressing such issues as cardiac care for rural populations and medical cannabis.


Research - Tobacco ReductionTobacco Reduction

Tobacco use is the single greatest cause of preventable chronic disease and premature death. Developing effective approaches to prevent smoking initiation and support smoking cessation among special populations is key to reducing the prevalence of tobacco use.


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