Sally Willis-Stewart PhD, MA, BA

Current Positions and Affiliations:

  • Senior Instructor, School of Health and Exercise Sciences,
    Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC Okanagan
  • Director, Nutrition Education Center - ART 179, Arts Building, UBC Okanagan
  • CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • Academic Affiliate of Dietitians of Canada

Areas of Research Interest:

  • nutrition and physical activity (lifespan, obesity, eating disorder prevention, women, chronic disease prevention)
  • health promotion and education: interdisciplinary approaches to prevention through healthy lifestyles
  • bone health, physiology and remodeling
  • nutrition for athletes 
  • excellence in teaching

Current Research Related to the Institute's Priorities:

Got Health? Student-led inquiry for health promoting schools
PIs: Stephen Berg, Sally Willis-Stewart
Co-Is:   Tricia Labrie, Janelle Zebedee
Date:  2013 - 2014
Funded By:  IHLCDP, Research Interest Group Grant, $10,000

Study Smart Skills - Research project for first year students

Nutrition Education Center

  • PUMPS - for students suffering from disordered eating and excessive exercise issues
  • BEN  - Behaviour Exercise and Nutrition - healthy weight program for faculty and staff of UBC Okanagan

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Sally Willis-Stewart
Senior Instructor
School of Health and Exercise Sciences
Faculty of Health and Social Development
UBC Okanagan
1147 Research Road ART 340
Kelowna  BC V1V 1V7

Tel:  250 807 9684


Sally Willis-Stewart