Patricia Marck PhD, RN

Current Positions and Affiliations:

  • Professor & Dean, Faculty of Human & Social Development, University of Victoria 
  • Senior Investigator, University of Ottawa and Registered Nurses Association of Ontario Nursing Best Practice Research Unit
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Safety and quality issues across the continuum of care
  • Adaptive management approaches and sustainable health systems change

Current Research Related to the Institute's Priorities

I-Ethics - Implementation of an integrated ethics curriculum in the health and human service programs at UBC
PI:  L. Bainbridge
Co-I:  L. Best, M. Burgess, P. Crowel, D. Drynan, L.Eccott, S. Epp, B. Everett, J. Gillespie, E. Jones, P. Marck, B. Purves, P. Rodney, R.E. Sparks, A. Townsend, C. Ruitenberg, B. Young, M. Woodworth
Date:  2015 - 2016
Funded by:  UBC Large Project - Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund ($98,989)

Safety in home care: A focus on medication management
PIs:  Ariella Lang, Marilyn MacDonald, Patricia Marck (Co-PAs)
Co-Is:  N Edwards, A Easty, K Fraser, M Giroux, J Tepper, P O'Connor, C Hoffman, E Lang
Date:  2009 - 2014
Funded by:  CIHR $414,000; CHSRF $100,000; NSHRF $75,000; CPSI $30,000; OMOH $30,000; MSSS $30,000

Publications and Reports:

Journal Articles

Furukawa, P.O., Cunha, I.C., Pedreira, M.L., Marck, P.B. (in press; accepted 29 July 2016).  Sustentabilidade ambiental nos processos de medicação realizados na assistência de enfermagem hospitalar.  Acta Paulista de Enfermagem. Funding: CAPES, Brazil.   

Lorenzini E., Oelke, N.D., Marck, P.B., Dall’Agnol, C.M. (in press; accepted 29 February 2016). Contributions of the sandwich doctoral program to methodological approaches: an experience report. Rev Gaúcha Enferm. 2016 jun;37(2):e58244. DOI: . Funding: Government of Canada ELLAP.    

Lang, A., Macdonald, M., Marck, P. Toon, L., Griffin,M., Easty, A., Fraser, K., MacKinnon, N., Mitchell, J., Lang, E.,  Goodwin, S. (2015). Seniors managing multiple medications: using mixed methods to view the home care safety lens. BMC Health Services Research 15:548. DOI: 10.1186/s12913-015-1193-5. Co-PA. Funding: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Ontario Ministry of Health -- Long Term Care, and Quebec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux.    

Backman, C., Bruce, N., Marck, P., & Vanderloo, S. (published ahead of print 06 Dec 2015). Engaging direct care providers in improving infection prevention and control practices using participatory visual methods. Journal of Nursing Care Quality 31(3). Funding: The Ottawa Hospital.  

Parke, B., Hunter, K.F., Marck, P.B. (in press; accepted 07 July 2015). A novel visual method for studying complex health transitions for older people living with dementia. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. Funding: Alzheimers Scoeity of Canada.   

Higuchi, K.S., Edwards, N., Carr, T., Marck, P.B., & Abdullah, G. (2015).  Development and evaluation of a workshop to support evidence-based practice change in long term care. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development 31 (1): 28 – 34. Funding: CHSRF (N Edwards PI).   

Oelke, N., Rush, K., Goma, F.M., Barker, J.A., Marck, P., & Pedersen, C. (2015). Understanding perceptions and practices for Zambian adults at risk for hypertension: An exploratory descriptive study. Global Journal of Health Sciences. Funding: UBC Okanagan FHSD Internal Grants (K Rush PI & N Oelke Co-PI). .  

Gimenes, F. R. E., Marck, P. B., Atila, E. G. and Cassiani, S. H. d. B. (14 April 2014). Engaging nurses to strengthen medication safety: Fostering and capturing change with restorative photographic research methods. International Journal of Nursing Practice Early Online: 1 – 8.. doi: 10.1111/ijn.12304 Funding: Government of Canada ELLAP.    

Marck, P.B., Molzahn, A., Berry-Hauf, R., Hutchings, L.G., Hughes, S. (2014). Exploring safety and quality in an in-center hemodialysis environment with participatory photographic methods: A restorative approach. Nephrology Nursing Journal 41 (1). Funding: University of Alberta (A Molzahn Co-PI). 2014 NNJ Research Writing Award ($500).  

Backman, C., Marck, P.B., Krogman, N., Taylor, G.D., Sales, A.E., Roth, V., Bonten, M.J., & Gigengack-Baars, A.C.M. (2014). Barriers and bridges to infection prevention and control on a surgical unit at a Netherlands hospital and a Canadian hospital: A comparative case study analysis. Canadian Journal of Infection Control. 29 (4): 145 – 158. Funding: RNAO Rolling Stone Foundation, Canadian Patient Safety Institute & University of Alberta. 2014 Infection Prevention and Control Canada Editorial Award. 

Vieira, E.R., O’Rourke, H., Hunter, K., Marck, P.B. (in press; accepted 27 June 2013). Studying risks and potential measures to reduce transfer-related falls in long term care using visual elicitation. Disability & Rehabilitation  

Parke, B., Hunter, K., Marck, P.B., Strain, L., Waugh, E., McClelland, A. (Dec 2012). Facilitators and barriers to safe emergency department transitions for community dwelling older people with dementia and their caregivers: A social ecological study. International Journal of Nursing Studies 50 ((): 1206-1218. DOI information: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2012.11.005  

Backman, C., Marck, P.B., Krogman, N., Taylor, G., Sales, A.E., Roth, V., Bonten, M.J.M., Gigengack-Baars, A.C.M. (2012). Barriers and bridges to infection prevention and control: results of a qualitative case study of a Netherlands’ surgical unit.. BMJ Open. 2:e000511 doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2011=00511  

MacDonald, J., Davies, B., Edwards, N., Marck, P.B., & Guernsey, J. R. (2012). Priority setting and policy advocacy for community environmental health by nursing associations: A conceptual framework to guide research. Aporia: The Nursing Journal 4 (1): 18 - 29. 

Hansen-Ketchum, P., Marck, P.B., Reutter, L., & Halpenny, E. (2011).  Strengthening access to restorative places: Findings from a participatory study on engaging with nature in the promotion of health. Health and Place 17 (2): 558 - 571.    

Raduenz, A.C., Hoffmann, P., Radünz, V., Teresinha, M., Dal Sasso, G., Alves Maliska, I.C., Marck, P.B. (2010).  Nursing care and patient safety: Visualizing the organization, storage and distribution of medication with photographic research methods. Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem/Latin American Journal of Nursing 18 (6): 1045 - 54.   

Marck, P.B., Lang, A., Macdonald, M., Griffin, M., Easty, A., Corsini-Munt, S. (2010). Safety in home care: A research protocol for studying medication management. Implementation Science 45:3 at  



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Patricia Marck
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