Mark D. Holder PhD

Current Positions and Affiliations: 

  •  Associate Professor, Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences, UBC Okanagan

Areas of Research Interest: 

  • science of happiness
  • subjective well-Being in children and adults
  • positive well-being in people with personality disorders

Current Research Related to the Institute‚Äôs Priorities: 

Assessing well-being in people with brain injury
PI: Mark Holder
Date: January 2012
Funded by:  Braintrust Canada, $3,500

Enhancing happiness and life satisfaction with computer gaming
PI: Mark Holder
Date: December 2011
Funded by:   UBCO Internal Research Grant, $5,000

Assessing positive well-being in children in Zambia: Demographic and geographic comparisons.
Supervisor: Mark Holder
Student: Tim Krupa
Date: March 2012
Funded by: Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences, Undergraduate Research Award, $8,000

Interventions to promote positive well-being in children and adults

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Mark Holder
Associate Professor
Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences
Unit 4: Psychology
UBC Okanagan
1147 Research Road  ART 320
Kelowna  BC  V1V 1V7

Tel:  250-807-8728


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Mark Holder