Lesley Lutes PhD

Current Positions and Affiliations:

  • Associate Professor, Psychology, Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences, UBC Okanagan 
  • Editorial Board: Annals of Behavioral Medicine
  • Editorial Board: American Journal of Health Promotion
  • Society of Behavioral Medicine
  • The Obesity Society
  • Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Health psychology
  • Health behaviour change
  • Weight management
  • Obesity treatment
  • Randomized clinical trials
  • Innovative treatment approaches/interventionists/modalities for behaviour change

Current Research Related to the Institute's Priorities: 

Pirates for HEALTH: Healthy Eating, Active Living Through Health Coaching
Co-Is: B. Das, Lesley Lutes, S. Jillcott-Pitts
Date: 2015 - 2016
Submitted to the Center for Translational Diabetes Research, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, $40,000

The Collaborative Care Management for Distress and Depression in Rural Diabetes (COMRADE) Trial
Co-PI: D. Cummings, Lesley Lutes, K. Littlewood
Date: 2014 - 2017
Funded by: Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, $450,000

The Intervention Composed of Aerobic Training and Non-Exercise Physical Activity (I-CAN) study
Co-I: D. Swift, Lesley Lutes
Date: 2014 - 2018
Funded by: American Heart Association, $280,000

Using Technology to aid in medication adherence with patients with diabetes and depression - augmenting the COMRADE Trial
PI: Lesley Lutes, D. Cummings
Date: 2014
Funded by: ECU East-West Collaboration Grant, $15,000

Publications and Reports:

Heintzelman, S., Kushlev, S.,  Tay, L., Wirtz, D., Lutes, L.D., Oishi, S., & Deiner, E., (In Press).  Findings all psychologists should know from the science on subjective well-being. Canadian Psychologist. ​​​​

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Lesley Lutes
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