Karin Maiwald BPT, MPhil, PhD (Health Sciences, Health Policy Research) 

Current Positions and Affiliations:

  • Regional Practice Leader, Research and Knowledge Translation, Interior Health (based in Nelson)
    - Support research in priority areas
    - Build capacity for health services research
    - Increase collaboration between researchers and decision makers
  • Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia (external affiliation)
  • Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Social Medicine, the Netherlands (external affiliation)

Areas of Research Interest:

I am a health sciences and health policy researcher with a background in physiotherapy.

  • Public health policy, particularly Return-to-Work policy to help all people access employment (often called: Disability Management; Occupational Health)
  • Stakeholders' perspectives (Leadership, admin/managers, patients/workers with ill-health)
  • Health policy and program impact (regarding patient experience of care, professional experience of policy and care)
  • Implementation and key opportunities for health policy and program improvement
  • Decision making
  • Health care
  • Sociology of health

Current Research Related to the Institute's Priorities:

  • Co-Applicant A-CERCLE - Accelerating Co-Creation of Evidence-Informed Resources for Curricular Renewal for Labour-Market Participation and Full Employment. Under leadership of Dr. Izabela Schultz, University of British Columbia, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education.
  • Co-Project Lead - Pulmonary Tele-Rehabilitation for Interior Health. Part One: A Participatory Research Approach to Understand Physical Activity of Residents Living in Remote and Rural Locations.



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Karin Maiwald
Regional Practice Lead, Research and Knowledge Translation
Research Department, Professional Practice Office
Interior Health

Tel: 250-505-7235
email: karin.maiwald@interiorhealth.ca