Barbara Pesut PhD, RN

Current Positions and Affiliations:

  • Canada Research Chair (Tier 2), Health, Ethics and Diversity
  • Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC Okanagan

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Palliative approach to care
  • Rural palliative care
  • Chronic illness and aging
  • Health services research
  • Ethics
  • Spiritual and religious care for diverse populations in healthcare
  • Integrated knowledge translation

Current Research Related to the Institute's Priorities:

An integrated knowledge translation approach to implementing a model of volunteer navigation for rural older adults living with advanced cancer

Co-PIs: B. Pesut, W. Duggleby, G. Warner, L. Gerard, B. Lynn
Co-Is: K. Fassbender, B. O’Connor, R. Edwards, L. Shervill, J. Davidson
Date: 2016-2018
Funded by: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute Knowledge Translation Grant $99,996

An integrated knowledge translation approach to examining a model of volunteer navigation (NCARE) to support older adults living with advanced chronic illness in the home

Co-PIs: B. Pesut, D. Barwich, W. Duggleby
Co-Is: M. Dalhuisen, S. Ghosh, J. Holroyd-Leduc, G. Warner
Collaborators: P. Angevine, E. Antifeau, S. Baxter, C. Cash, K. Downer, L. Gerard, G. Hynes, S. Joyce, C. Nekolaichuk, C. Nicholson, B. O’Connor, J. Parmar, M. Peterson Fraser, M. Scales, R. Urquhart, T. Woytkiw
Date: 2016-2019
Funded by: CIHR Project Scheme $347,847

Publications and Reports:


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Barbara Pesut
Canada Research Chair (Tier 2), Health, Ethics and Diversity
School of Nursing
Faculty of Health and Social Development
UBC Okanagan
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Barb Pesut